We’re reinventing the way AcroYogaDance Teacher Trainings and taking AcroYogaDance itself to it’s next phase of development with the opening of an exciting new flagship AcroYogaDance Centre in North London.  

Eugene is co-founder of AcroYogaDance. He has taught in London and around UK since 2014. In October 2018 AcroYogaDance opened London’s first dedicated AcroYoga studio at London Bridge. In January 2020 we had to move out of the first studio due to building redevelopment.  Although in some ways it was hard to leave, it was also a much-needed transition as we’d outgrown the venue which lacked the physical height and space needed to explore and develop AcroYogaDance to it’s real potential.  

Eugene is excited about opening the new AcroYogaDance Academy, a UK Centre for artistic performance and teacher training, opening in May this year.  His goals are to build on the success and lessons of the first studio.    on the artistic nature of AcroYoga and & Teacher Training Centre opening April 2020. It has 4.5m high ceilings, fully padded floors and amazing natural light a perfect space to get inspired.